SPPS Written-Pole® single-phase motors…

are the largest single-phase electric motors available in the market today. These are not phase converters, but true single-phase motors. The application of SPPS Written-Pole® technology allows these revolutionary motors to operate on existing single-phase distribution, eliminating the need for three-phase power.

Their low starting current and energy-efficient operation, combined with their simple robust construction, make SPPS Written-Pole® motors the preferred choice when compared to phase converters with three-phase motors.

Ranging in size from 30 to 100 horsepower, SPPS Written-Pole ® single-phase motors are ideal for a variety of agricultural and industrial applications including irrigation, grain drying and handling, dairy, aeration, rolling mills, and oil and gas production in rural locations.

We manufacture our motors under an agreement with Precise Power Holdings Corporation. Our motors are produced under the highest quality standards and we are proud to bring this proven, clean technology to our customers. “Solutions” is in our name for a reason.