60 HP Single Phase Electric Motor

Single Phase Power Solutions manufactures and sells and services Written-Pole single-phase electric motors up to 100 horsepower.  Our patented Written- Pole Single-Phase motors bring the cost savings, reliability and efficiency of electric drives to areas not economically served by a  three-phase electric grid.  

These units do not use phase convertors,but a true 60 hp single-phase electric motor. SPPS Written-Pole 60 hp single-phase motors can power anything  powered by an equivalent horsepower stationary internal combustion  motor or three-phase electric motor. Our 60 hp motors are used in manufacturing, agriculture, irrigation, oil & gas industry and even small municipal pump stations. 

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60 HP motor specifications:

Speed (RPM): 1800
Voltage (nominal): 480
Frequency (Hz): 60
Full Load Amps (FLA): 100
Locked Rotor Amps (LRA): 173
Full Load Torque (ft.lb.): 175
NEMA Frame Size (Iron): 445T
Weight (lbs) Iron: 2000
Efficiency %: 94.5
Ambient Starting Temp. Range: Ambient Starting Temperature is 4° C to 40° C.
If your application is outside this range, please contact Single Phase Power Solutions.









Frame C* D E H NW O* P* R S T U AB* BA* ES 2E 2F*
445T 47.70 11.00 9.00 .81 8.50 23.01 25.83 2.88 .875 2.67 3.375 22.24 7.50 7.33 18.00 16.50