The SPPS single-phase motors provide solutions to Farm applications requiring large horsepower capacity on single-phase power. These motors provide both economic and environmental benefits. Typical applications for these products are:
  • Crop irrigation
  • Grain drying and handling
  • Lake aeration
  • Dairy
  • Waste Management

Oil and Gas Production

SPPS Written-Pole single-phase motors can be used where internal combustion engines are often deployed. The benefits of electric drive over combustions engines are well documented in the industry for pump and compressor applications. Because SPPS Written Pole motors are synchronous, two motors can be used in tandem to produce up to 200 hp in certain belt-driven applications. Natural gas compression skids, salt water injection and hydraulic pumps are ideal applications of our technology. Contact our engineers to discuss your company's applications and see how Written Pole technology can reduce your field maintenance and EPA RICE compliance issues.

Rural Utilities

Power suppliers can expect enhanced reliability for their customers because the Written-Pole® motor won’t cause voltage sag on single-phase systems. More electricity can be sold when Written-Pole® motors are used to power applications that might otherwise use combustion engines or generators.
Application of Written-Pole® technology can also defer or eliminate the need for capital investment in extension of three-phase distribution.

Small Municipal Pump Stations

Small rural municipalities, like rural private entities, sometimes have motive power needs for pumping fresh or waste water in locations not readily serviced by three-phase power. Consider use of one or more of our true single-phase motors instead of the additional cost of running three-phase line or the maintenance headache and rising fuel costs of a diesel or natural gas engine. Our reliable, rugged, and efficient motors offer you a cost effective alternative that can lower your initial project costs and reduce your operational costs as well. Call our engineers and discuss your application with us; we can communicate with your contractors and engineers to see if an SPPS Written-Pole Motor is the logical choice for your project.