Case Studies

Irrigation: Propane vs. Written-Pole ® single-phase motor

case-studyCalculation of Pat Trask’s irrigation cost reduction after converting from a propane-fueled engine to a 60 hp Written-Pole ® single-phase motor on one field of 110 acres of alfalfa is as follows:

With propane-fueled engine:
Total watering time per crop = 384 Hours at a fuel cost/hr of $6.50 = $2,496 per Crop

With Written-Pole ® motor:
Total watering time per crop = 288 Hours at an electricity cost/hr of $2.60 = $748 per Crop

In total, the Trask family pumped 2,300 hrs to irrigate about 275-300 acres in 2003 at a consumption rate of 5 gals/hr of propane. Had the Trasks pumped with propane during the 2004 season at an average of $1.25/gal, the propane bill would have been 11,500 gals. costing $14,375.00.

Using the Written Pole ® motor to irrigate the same acres, the Trasks’ total kW bill was $3,350.00 – a savings of approximately 70%.