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Irrigation: Propane vs. Belle Single-Phase Motor™

Irrigation: Propane vs. Belle Single-Phase Motor™

The following is a calculation of Pat Trask’s irrigation cost reduction after converting from a propane fueled engine to a 60 HP Belle Written-Pole® single-phase motor coupled to a Cornell 10TB Centrifugal pump on one field of 110 acres of alfalfa in 2003.

With propane-fueled engine:

Total watering time per crop = 384 Hours

At a fuel cost/hr of $6.50 = $2,496 per Crop

With Belle Single-Phase Motor™:

Total watering time per crop = 288 Hours

At an electricity cost/hr of $2.60 = $748 per Crop

Before replacing the propane fueled engine, the Trask family pumped 2,300 hrs to irrigate about 275-300 acres in 2003 at a consumption rate of 5 gals/hr of propane.

In 2017 the Trasks irrigated approximately 320 acres for 104 days, 24 hours per day, pumping 3,000 gallons per minute with the Belle Written Pole Motor. Had the Trask’s pumped with propane during the 2017 season at an average of $1.25/gal, the propane bill would have been 12,480 gallons, costing $14,375.00. Using the Belle Written Pole ® motor to irrigate the same acres, the Trask’s total kW bill was $5,800.00. That’s about $18 per acre to water each acre with approximately 12 inches of water in a season – a savings of approximately 70%.