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    SPPS Completes Large Horsepower Single-Phase 50hz Written-Pole Motor Design

    Engineers at Single Phase Power Solutions in Cincinnati, Ohio have completed designs for their 50 Hz motor design. This motor is a direct result of requests from NGOs for a large horsepower motor, capable of running on a single-phase or Single Wire Earth Return (S.W.E.R.) power grid. The advent of this motor will allow countries...
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    6 Things to Focus On to Optimize Your Irrigation System

    No matter how large your agricultural property is, it’s essential that you’re staying on top of your property’s irrigation needs. Hopefully, these tips will help you better understand the importance of proper irrigation as well as how to focus on setup, maintenance, and optimization: Hire a professional for irrigation installation...
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    3 Agricultural Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs

    There are roughly 2 million farms across the United States and each acre is just as important as the next. Whether the farms are involved in global production or a family is just tending to their own land, it’s important to know how to properly handle every inch of the agricultural property. Unfortunately, there are...
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    BELLE Written-Pole® Motors Eliminate the Need for Three-Phase Service

    Starting up large motors on single-phase lines has long been a challenge for electric co-ops. Single-phase motors create voltage sags and flickers for the customer and can cause problems for neighbors. Customers who need large motors typically face difficult choices. Spend as much at $100,000 per mile for three-phase power or, more likely, install ...
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    The BELLE 1-to-3 Three-Phase Microgrid helps the nuns of Santa Rita Abby make altar breads.

    Without BELLE Written-Pole® Motor technology, the sisters of Santa Rita Abby would have had plenty of batter. But no bread. The BELLE Written-Pole 1-to-3™ Three-Phase Microgrid As the nuns found out, it’s a miraculous solution for power a three-phase application from existing single-phase utility lines. The Abbey outside Tucson has only single-phas...
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    Agricultural Advancements: 3 Advantages of Using Single-Phase Motors

    The total yearly value of agricultural exports in the U.S. is $139.8 billion. Because there is so much money within this important sector, not to mention the 2 million farms across the U.S., energy consumption remains one of the most important factors of the agricultural industry. Because of the lack of three-phase electrical supply in...