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Single Phase Power Solutions Reintroduces Unique Motor to Market

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CINCINNATI, OH—October 18, 2013—Cincinnati-based Single Phase Power Solutions, LLC (SPPS) has signed an agreement with Precise Power Corporation of Bradenton, Florida to manufacture and sell 30 to 100 horsepower Written-Pole® single-phase motors. SPPS will reintroduce these motors, which are not phase converters but true single-phase motors—the only large-horsepower single-phase motors in existence. SPPS is expanding its manufacturing capability with a new plant, opening early 2014, in Sarasota, Florida.

The agreement allows SPPS to use John F. Roesel, Jr. and Ronnie Barber’s award-winning proprietary Written-Pole® technology. This technology was first applied to the manufacture of large horsepower single-phase motors in the mid-1990s; many of the motors produced in this period are still in use, a testimony to the motors’ reliability.

Three-phase electric power in rural locations is limited. Traditionally, applications in these locations have relied on reciprocating internal combustion engines (RICE), as conventional single-phase motors do not exceed 12 horsepower. New RICE emissions regulations will drive up the cost of internal combustion engines, while the cost of bringing three-phase lines to rural applications can cost $30,000 to $100,000 per mile. A case study of an irrigation application showed 70% cost savings in using a large horsepower single-phase motor instead of a propane-fueled engine.

“Our launch market is Dumas, Texas, and the nine counties surrounding Dumas,” reports Greg York, SPPS Vice President of Operations. “There are three million acres being farmed with irrigation and roughly 9,000 motors or pumps in the launch region…[but] irrigation farming is just one of the applications we’ve identified to grow our business. Our motor provides similar benefits anywhere fossil fuel engines are being used.”

Founded by Drew Abbott and Greg York, Single Phase Power Solutions has offices in Cincinnati, Dumas, TX and a new production facility in Sarasota. Written-Pole® single-phase motors will be demonstrated at select agriculture and technology events in the coming months.


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