Industry Applications for Large Horsepower Single-Phase Motors

Section 1: The BELLE Motor revolutionizes farming and agriculture
Section 2: Aggregate and Cement Processing
Section 3: Water and Waste Water
Section 4: Oil and Natural Gas
Section 5: Emerging Market 50Hz

The BELLE Motor revolutionizes farming and agriculture

If you are looking for a large horsepower single-phase motor, there is only one name you need to know. BELLE Motors are ruggedly built to meet the performance, efficiency and longevity needs of today's farmer and rancher. We have created an innovative product that provides a solution for farmers who only have access to single-phase power. Our motors are recognized in the industry for their longevity, reliability and ease of use. We offer a variety of configurations tailored to your specific requirements. Ready for use with virtually any agricultural application, our large horsepower single-phase motors will keep your farm running for years to come.

Grain Handling and Storage Motors

BELLE™ Single Phase Motors are available in Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) designs and are a perfect companion for grain handling applications. Whether it be grain drying fans, conveyors, augers or stirrers, The Belle Single Phase Motors run on single-phase power directly driving these devices, or, when coupled with a conventional three-phase generator, can deliver three-phase power utilizing our patented 1-to-3 Power Source™.

Common Applications

  • Inside bin grain stirring systems
  • Grain Elevators
  • Grain Conveyors

Single-Phase Dairy Agriculture Pump Motor

Our patented 1-to-3 Power Source™, incorporating the BELLE™ Single Phase Motor with a conventional three-phase generator, provides a microgrid of three-phase power for applications that utilize multiple three-phase motors where only single phase power is available, commonly found on dairy farms.

Common Applications

  • Vacuum pumps used in the dairy industry
  • Livestock Waste Pumping
  • Cooling / Dust Management
  • Agriculture Pump Motors

Agriculture Motors for Livestock Waste

The BELLE™ Single Phase Motors are ruggedly built and thoughtfully designed for even the harshest environments for a wide variety of applications. Anywhere a large-horsepower solution is needed but only single-phase power is available such as livestock waste pumps, feedlot dust suppression, and cooling applications.

Common Applications

  • Livestock Waste Pumps
  • Feedlot Dust Suppression
  • Cooling Applications

Irrigation Pumps

Whether you need a motor or pump for your center pivot or lateral irrigation system, fish ponds or to water your livestock, you will find it here.  We understand that you rely on your irrigation system to perform and that it is a critical part of your operation both in terms of sustainability, but also profit and growth.

“I’ve irrigated with four BELLE™ motors for 10 years, I have one VFD pump and it has cost me more in
time and repair than all my BELLE™ Motors... Out here reliability is everything”.
Kyle Geffer | Geffert Farms | Haven, KS

Our large horsepower single-phase motors are ruggedly built and design for the demanding conditions found in your application. They are TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) and are designed to be integrated into your system.

Able to run on your existing single phase power service, these pumps and motors eliminate the need for the higher cost associated with the fuel and maintenance requirements of diesel or natural gas engines. With its unity power factor operation and inherent utility friendly design, you can avoid the hassles associated with the low power factor and harmonic distortion associated with VFDs and traditional phase converters.

Our professionally engineered single-phase centrifugal, line shaft turbine and submersible pump systems deliver years of reliable, efficient operation all while saving you thousands.

The Right Motor for the Job

If you are unsure which motor is best for your pumping application just tell us your needs, and we will help you identify the best solution. Most pumps are oversized for the application and rely on inefficient induction motor technologies. By choosing the right size and premium efficiency of the written-pole technology you see energy savings of 30-90%.

Minimal Maintenance

Built from top-quality materials, the rugged and reliable BELLE Motor brand pump motors deliver increased equipment uptime and require minimal maintenance. That is why more than ever people are relying on BELLE Motors.

Click here to see our complete line of agriculture motor configurations.

Download Resources
- Diesel Cost Savings Comparison
- BELLE Motor Specifications

- 1-to-3 Microgrid Power Source Specifications


  • 30 - 100 HP True Single-Phase Motors
  • Velvet Start- less than 2 X Running Amps
  • Starts high inertia loads
  • High Starting Torque
  • Low Harmonic input
  • High Efficiency (up to 96%)
  • Near Unity Power Factor
  • Includes NEMA 3R Controls
  • Electric Co-Ops and Utilities prefer this technology to phase converters

Product Literature & Resources

Aggregate and Cement Processing

As the need for sand, stone, gravel and concrete increases throughout the world, cement and aggregate producers are faced with challenges of supply. It is more important than ever that your operation is run as efficiently and smoothly as possible. The high cost of operating diesel engines for your plant continues to drive up production costs and extending three-phase service is probably out of our your budget. Producers are challenged to carefully balance costs to maintain a sustainable operation. BELLE Motors offer a solution to the challenges that today's producers face. Our energy efficient single-phase motors deliver the large horsepower output needed for your operation while reducing operating costs. Our 1-to-3 Microgrid delivers reliable, clean, three-phase power to your operation without the need for unreliable phase converters or a three-phase extension.

Plus, your peace of mind is assured because our solutions are backed by our engineering and applications team that is dedicated to supporting your application needs.

Reliable water and wastewater motors that maximize performance and minimize maintenance

As the world's only manufacturer of large horsepower single-phase motors we can provide pump solutions for your application that do not require a phase converter or VFD. Our product lines include standard suction end centrifugal pumps, rotary gear pumps, and turbine pumps in both horizontal and vertical configurations.

Our extensive experience allows us to help you determine the correct materials and style of pump for your application. Our dedicated staff of engineers is ready to put together a custom solution to fit your needs.

When you need around-the-clock operation from a large-horsepower motor and only have access to single-phase, nothing more dependable than a BELLE Motor from Single Phase Power Solutions. The BELLE motor is equipment that you can trust to deliver day after day in water and wastewater applications.

Effective management of drinking water and wastewater systems is essential. Our single-phase motors allow municipalities with limited access to three-phase infrastructure to deliver more reliable and cost effective solutions to their communities.

Whether you need to replace aging electric drive systems, building a new application or are looking for a preventative approace to maintenance, Single Phase Power Solutions has a water and wastewater motor solution that will keep your operation up and running.

Drinking Water Applications
- Water Pumps & Distribution Pumps
- Well Pumps & Aquifer Management
- Water Treatment

Wastewater Applications
- Wastewater Pumping
- Wastewater Collection
- Wastewater Treatment and Discharge

Oil and Natural Gas Industry Electric Motors That Can Stand Up to the Harshest Conditions

The oil and gas industry places electric motors in some of the harshest conditions around. In areas where only single-phase power is available the BELLE Motor from Single Phase Power Solutions provides a large horsepower solution that is reliable, tough and needs very little maintenance. From the frigid environments of the oil sands to injection sites in the extreme heat of Texas, electric motors are a critical part of the operation of these facilities. The BELLE Motor from Single Phase Power Solutions are more than up to the task.

Complete Solutions for Compression and Pumping: The BELLE motor from Single Phase Power Solutions provides a large horsepower solution for oil and gas applications that only have access to single-phase power. Whether it is one of our high-speed, gearless permanent magnet motors for a single application or our innovative 1-to-3 Microgrid Power Source capable of running multiple 3-phase motors on a single-phase line while eliminating the need for a variable-frequency drive (VFD), our solutions are designed to deliver maximum efficiency and reliability.

Everything you need: With custom tailored solutions for everything from compression to salt-water injection wells our integrated technologies can cover all aspects of your drive system and can be custom engineered for any application or environment.

Up to 85 horsepower, 50Hz Written-Pole® single-phase motor 

In response to requests from numerous NGOs and government agencies in the developing world, where large electric power generation and grid expansion projects are ongoing,  SPPS is now developing a line of 50Hz Single-Phase Written-Pole® motors in sizes from 25 HP to 85 HP.

These motors will bring the efficiency, reliability and cost savings of electric drives to areas served by single-phase and SWER electric supply.  The motors have the same low starting inrush, high torque, unity power factor and rugged design of our proven 60 Hz machines. Our products do not have the harmonic distortion issues associated with VFDs and phase converters.

The motors are ideally suited for agricultural, mining, municipal and industrial pumps, conveyors, fans, mixers etc.  Additionally, they can be used in our 1-to-3 line of phase converters to supply clean isolated 3-phase power to rural locations.

We currently have engineers working with us in Africa and South America. Please call us or email us to discuss your specific applications and how we can assist in serving your customers.

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