Become a Certified Service Technician

SPPS Certified Service Technician Program
The SPPS Service Technician Certification is a comprehensive program focused on quality, customer support and installation. Candidates for the program will receive instruction and training from SPPS staff and will be assigned to regional service areas across North America as part of the SPPS Service Network. Certified technicians will perform installations of new product, warranty repairs, and product maintenance and service with support from SPPS.

SPPS-CST Education and Training
The SPPS-CST program is a one of kind program that provides training on a new an innovative product positioned to change the electric motor industry. The program is aimed at placing hundreds of certified providers in well paid positions as part of the SPPS Service Network across North America. The SPPS-CST program provides state-of-the-art, hands on diagnostic and repair education in our facility in Cincinnati, Ohio as well as instruction on instillation of SPPS Product through real world experience.

The SPPS-CST recruiting philosophy and effort is focused on identifying individuals and companies with a high potential for success and who are prepared to make commitments to their local region.

Since its beginning SPPS has made excellence in quality and customer service a top priority. SPPS Certified Service Technicians will extend this culture to their local communities as they service our customer’s products in the field.

Increased Income – SPPS-CST’s can expect increased revenue of as much at $30,000+ a year. Many Certified Service Technicians can make as much as $80,000 a year in some markets. * Adding the SPPS Certified Service Technician to your companies list of offerings creates the potential for you to earn great money doing more of what you love.

* Figures based on estimates of current sales.

Security and Growth Potential – The motor industry continues to grow across North America. Single Phase Power Solutions offers a unique and patented product that provides the large horsepower output needed from electric motor for many applications on a single-phase line. It eliminates the need for phase converters or costly three-phase line extension.

The market for our product is estimated at more than $5 Billion. SPPS already has hundred of units in the field across North America and anticipates shipping as many as 400 new units by the end of 2019.

All of this creates business growing opportunities for SPPS Certified Service Technicians.

Work with Innovative Technology – SPPS has been a leader in innovative motor technology for years. Our patented design uses ferrite magnet technology combined with specially design components and windings along with our proprietary panel design to deliver large horsepower from a single-phase line.


You will be on the front lines as we revolutionize the motor industry.

·        Get trained
Attend 1-week training at our manufacturing facility in Cincinnati, Ohio

·        Set up your business
Use our provided marketing material and graphics to jump start your campaign, get the word our and get things rolling.

Grow your business
Deliver great customer experiences to gain more opportunities.

·        Get you started
Our team will hook you up with exclusive deals on replacement parts and service manuals, everything you need to get up and running.

·        Provide training
We provide two weeks of hands on training to ensure that you are set up for success. One week at our facility in Cincinnati, Ohio and one week in the field getting to know the tips and tricks of installing and servicing SPPS products.

·        Give you a comprehensive toolkit
We will give you all the tools you’ll need to run your business, including forms, marketing materials and daily processes to keep things running smoothly.

·        On-demand support
CST’s receive ongoing support from the SPPS service team and engineering division, which includes a comprehensive operation manual for each product, on-call service assistance, and a dedicated team focused on your success.

Share our experience
We have installed and serviced hundreds of motors in the field. Let our experience guide you.

Customer obsession – you start with the customer and work backwards.

Leadership – you love people, communicate well.

Deliver results – your can-do attitude inspires others, you are at home with labor intensive work, even when challenges arise.


Resilience – you’re capable of dealing with a sometimes fast-paced, ever changing business.

Become a Certified Service Technician

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