The BELLE Motor ™

The BELLE Motor™ utilizes patented Written-Pole® technology to deliver large-horsepower output from 230v or 460v single-phase lines. This revolutionary motor system allows operators to drive a variety of applications without the need for a Variable Frequency Drive or Phase Converter and without the prospect of costly 3-phase line installation.

Our synchronous, premium efficiency motor delivers as much as 96% efficiency and has an operating cost that is a fraction of combustion engines all with virtually no maintenance. Robustly designed our motors are built to withstand even the most demanding environments.

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Available in the Following Sizes
15 HP | 30 HP | 40 HP | 50 HP | 60 HP | 75 HP | 100 HP

Low Starting Current

BELLE Motors™ exhibit starting current less than 2x their rated running current, unlike conventional induction motors that have typical starting currents ranging from 6 to 10 times their rated current. This dramatically increases the maximum rating that may be started on rural single-phase systems.

Energy Efficient

BELLE Motors™ can operate at efficiencies higher than those of the best three-phase motors. This, together with the inherently low starting current, makes the motor the best choice for large single-phase applications.

Unity Power Factor

BELLE Motors™ have a power factor of 100% while a corosponding three-phase motor may be around 90%.

Instantaneous Restart

The low starting current and flexible characteristics of BELLE Motors™ allow them to undertake an instantaneous re-start after a momentary power interuption.

No Harmonic Distortion

By design the BELLE Motor™ does not utilize a phase converter or VFD and does not produce harmonic distortion. In fact its synchronous mode of operation can absorb harmonics off the line.

High Intertia Starting Capability

Since the BELLE Motors™ are capable of sustaining starting conditions for a much greater duration than conventional motors without overheating, they are able to start and synchronize very high intertia loads for a given rating. This capability is further enhanced by the ability to synchronize under load.