240V/460V Digital Phase Converter

A reliable premium grade alternative to utility three-phase power.

A wide variety of commercial and industrial applications require three-phase power.  The majority of North America is serviced by single-phase power. Electric utilities typically do not install three-phase because it costs significantly more than single-phase infrastructure. Traditional phase conversion solutions like Rotary phase converters, static phase converters, and oversized variable frequency drives (VFD) can generate three-phase power from a single-phase source. However, these technologies are imperfect, impractical, and come with a variety of problems. Single Phase Power Solutions, LLC has partnered with Yaskawa America the world's leading manufacturer of AC drives and motion control products to develop our digital phase converter.

Producing practically no harmonic distortion our digital phase converter provides reliable three-phase power under virtually any load condition all while maintaining a balanced output voltage. Our digital phase converter can safely power any three-phase load within its rated capacity and can be customized for nearly any application.

Easy, Powerful, and Extremely Reliable

Time is money. That is why we have designed a digital conversion system that will exceed your expectations with industry-leading, American built quality, along with intuitive controls and easy customization. Our digital conversion systems deliver powerful torque and precise control to a wide variety of applications.


  • Use the easy to navigate set-up wizard or let our trained support staff set things up for you.
  • Intuitive keypad with easy to read display, even in direct sunlight or shadow.
  • Available mobile tools and Bluetooth connectivity


  • Compatible with virtually all three-phase motors and applications.
  • Customize the controls to fit your application.


  • Reliable craftsmanship and embedded functional safety reduce your downtime.
  • Enjoy long life with solutions for harsh environments.
  • A design that is friendly to your utility, power system, and surrounding equipment.
  • Produced with responsibility to our planet in mind.

Features / Benefits

  • IEEE 519 Compliant
  • 90%+ Energy Efficient
  • Easy and Accurate Autotuning for Optimized Performance
  • Smart Power Saver Mode
  • Easy Set-Up
  • 0.99 Power Factor

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