Emerging Markets / 50Hz

Single Phase Power Solutions, LLC  announces new large horsepower 50Hz Written-Pole® single-phase motor development project.

In response to requests from numerous NGOs and government agencies in the developing world, where large electric power generation and grid expansion projects are ongoing,  SPPS is now developing a line of 50Hz Single-Phase Written-Pole® motors in sizes from 25 HP to 85 HP.

These motors will bring the efficiency, reliability and cost savings of electric drives to areas served by single-phase and SWER electric supply.  The motors have the same low starting inrush, high torque, unity power factor and rugged design of our proven 60 Hz machines. Our products do not have the harmonic distortion issues associated with VFDs and phase converters.

The motors are ideally suited for agricultural, mining, municipal and industrial pumps, conveyors, fans, mixers etc.  Additionally, they can be used in our 1-to-3 line of phase converters to supply clean isolated 3-phase power to rural locations.

We currently have engineers working with us in Africa and South America. Please call us or email us to discuss your specific applications and how we can assist in serving your customers.

+1 513 399-  6263

Rating (hp)25406585
Speed (rpm)1500150015001500
Voltage (nominal)230/460460460460
Frequency (Hz)50505050
Full Load (Running) Amps100/5083123163
Full Load Torque (ft.lb.)73121182242
Locked Rotor (Starting) Amps175/88145215285
Locked Rotor (Starting) Torque146243365485
NEMA Frame Size: Iron365T405T445T449T
Wire Size#1/0 AWG or #4 AWG#1 AWG#2/0 AWG#3/0 AWG
Fuse Size150/70 Amp125 Amp150 Amp200 Amp
Ambient Starting Temp. RangeAmbient Starting Temperature is 4° C to 40° C.
If your application is outside this range,
please contact Single Phase Power Solutions, LLC.

Download 50Hz Spec Sheet