Electric Vehicle Power Source

Go Farther with the 1-to-3 Power Source for Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle usage around the United States is growing at a rapid speed without the ability to bring charging stations to rural parts of America. Rural America has access to single-phase power but is unable to generate three-phase power due to the installation costs that average $100,000 per mile. Electric vehicle owners are unable to reach these areas across the country due to the lack of infrastructure and high installation costs for three-phase power. The 1-to-3 Microgrid Power Source for Electric Vehicle Chargers use Belle Motors revolutionary Written-Pole technology to generate three-phase power for electric vehicle users. The 1-to-3 Microgrid Power Source is designed to meet the power requirements of today’s electric vehicle charging stations in single-phase environments.

The 1-to-3 Microgrid Power Source eliminates the need for three-phase expansions for charging stations. The 1-to-3 Microgrid Power Source provides solid and reliable 480v three-phase energy inputs generated from Written-Pole Technology from Single Phase Power Solutions. The installation of the Microgrid Power Source charging stations will provide three-phase power across a variety of rural locations where three-phase power is unavailable and cost prohibitive.

Single-Phase Power Solutions’ revolutionary Written Pole motor is used to drive the 1-to-3 system. The motor is highly efficient, exceeding 88% efficiency in full load systems. The efficiency alone is capable of saving users thousands of dollars by reducing energy costs year after year. The 1-to-3 input functions at unity power factor, which eliminates power factor penalty charges. In some regions, this translates to significant additional savings to the operator.

The 1-to-3 allows weak single-phase lines to deliver strong three-phase power with 480v output regulations and precise 60Hz frequency. The generator output voltage provides well balanced three-phase power capable of starting and running three-phase applications or power quality-sensitive electronic controls. This equipment isolates the Microgrid and the utility from harmonics that are harmful to sensitive loads. Stepping single-phase power to three-phase power with the 1-to-3 Microgrid will not cause wear or damage on any of the components. The innovation eliminates the use of a power converter which have been found damaging to systems over time.

The Single-Phase Power Solutions 1-to-3 Microgrid is built for rural applications. With frequent power losses/shortages in mind the 1-to-3 was designed to ride through power loss and voltage fluctuation in single phase power lines to still deliver solid three-phase power. The Flywheel technology uses centrifugal force to continue to spin the output shaft for short periods of time during power loss/shortages. This allows there to be consistent delivery of three-phase energy. The compact footprint, utility-friendly design, and quiet operation are well suited for public spaces.

The utilization of Single-Phase Power Solutions 1-to-3 with an electric vehicle charging microgrid will extend charging networks to areas lacking three-phase infrastructure. This will create better accessibility to destinations like national parks and rural cottages to electric vehicle owners. The solution is also appealing to environmentally conscious electric vehicle owners. By providing more three-phase power across rural America there will be a great incentive for eco-tourism and electric vehicle usage.

Durable, Easy to Maintain Construction:

  • CSA 3R enclosure (outdoor rated / rain protection)
  • 12 Ga. Construction
  • Painted to customer specifications
  • End section hinged access panels
  • Rear section hinged, louvered access panels with removable mullion posts
  • 6’4”x50” control section with mounting pans and lockable door
  • 4” I-beam mounting frame
  • 4” Channel iron base

Compatible with Battery Energy Storage:

  • Higher capacity DC charging stations in remote locations can be supported with battery energy storage
  • Smaller 1-to-3 options may be used to charge storage batteries between EV charging cycles
  • Economic options when preferred EV charging locations are restricted by single-phase service capacity

When Single Phase is All You Have This is the Solution You Need:

  • Single-Phase Power Solutions 1-to-3 Microgrid solutions can accommodate up to 65 kW rapid charging stations
  • The 1-to-3 provides a separately derived three-phase power source that is fully isolated protecting your equipment ‘Balanced three-phase, four wire output ensures stable and efficient operation of charging stations.

Easy Operation and Remote Control and Monitoring:

  • 200 Amp 2-pole disconnect with 175 Amp class j fuses (input) with external operating handle
  • 175 Amp neutral
  • 200 Amp 3-pole disconnect with 200-Amp class J fuses (output) with external operating handle
  • 200 Amp neutral
  • 1000VA 400V-120V control transformer with primary and secondary fuses
  • Vibratone horn #350 75db 120 vac - mounted on exterior of cabinet
  • Weather rated enclosure suitable for installation in public spaces with remote control and monitoring.

Environmentally Friendly EV Charging Support:

  • The 1-to-3 is a cost-effective offset to high operating and maintenance costs for diesel engines
  • 1-to-3 Microgrid solutions eliminate concerns over noise pollution and soil/water contamination, while the use of renewable electricity eliminates emissions
  • $0.10/kWh electricity to replace $3.00/gallon diesel fuel provides a 40-60% reduction in energy costs and reduces carbon footprint

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