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At our core Single Phase Power Solutions is a company of innovators. Our team is a group dedicated to creating solutions that better the lives of our customers and the people that they serve. We are passionate about serving our clients and making a difference in the world through the work that we do and through our uncompromising commitment to give back. That is why we manufacture the worlds only large horsepower single-phase motors.

We understand the financial challenges that our customers face and we take pride in providing innovative solutions that increase efficiency, promote reliability, and add more to their bottom lines.

Powering Good

Our Goal

We are committed to more than just a motor. SPPS is making an impact beyond the power grid.
We are committed to feeding and changing the lives of 1 MILLION PEOPLE in the next 5 years.
Our motors will create THOUSANDS OF NEW JOBS in Africa and will
IMPROVE HEALTH STANDARDS for people throughout the developing world.

Our Plan

Single Phase Power Solutions partners with countries and organizations around the world to provide infrastructure that promotes job growth and improves the health and standard of living for those living in rural areas. Our motors irrigate crops, pump potable water and support cottage industry and manufacturing reducing migration and increasing economic development of rural areas in developing nations.

The Single Phase Power Solutions team collaborates on the ground with government agencies and with worldwide organizations like Power Africa and USAid to make our unique motor technology available to aid local economies and improve the quality of life for people throughout the world.

To find out more about how the BELLE™ Single-Phase Written-Pole® motor is powering good email us at powergood@sppowersolutions.com

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Do you want to work for one of the most innovative new manufacturers in Cincinnati? Single Phase Power Solutions is the manufacturer of the world’s only large horsepower single-phase motors. Our patented Written-Pole® technology delivers a robust and reliable solution for agriculture, industrial, municipal, oil and gas and emerging market applications that need large horsepower output but only have access to a single-phase line. We offer a full line of single-phase motors up to 100 horsepower as well as our 1-to-3 Microgrid that generates 3-phase power from a single-phase line.

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