Electric Irrigation Pump Motors

BELLE Single Phase Motors are TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) and are designed to be integrated into your irrigation system. Able to run on your existing single phase power service, these pond pump motors eliminate the need for the higher cost associated with the fuel and maintenance requirements of an engine generator. With its unity power factor operation and inherent utility friendly design, you can avoid the hassles associated with the low power factor and harmonic distortion associated with VFDs. When coupled with a conventional three phase generator, our patented 1-to-3 Power Source™ can provided three phase power to submersible electric irrigation pumps too.

Common Applications

  • Irrigation drive systems
  • Pumping systems


  • 30 - 100 HP True Single-Phase Motors
  • Velvet Start- less than 2 X Running Amps
  • Starts high inertia loads
  • High Starting Torque
  • Low Harmonic input
  • High Efficiency (up to 96%)
  • Near Unity Power Factor
  • Includes NEMA 3R Controls
  • Electric Co-Ops and Utilities prefer this technology to phase converters

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