Single-Phase Pumps

Pumps driven by a BELLE™ large horsepower single-phase motor offer the capability to support large pumping installations on a single-phase network. Eliminating the need for costly three-phase infrastructure improvements. The innovative BELLE™ motor operates as efficiently as a three-phase motor about three times more efficiently than a conventional diesel engine. Electrically driven pumps are more economical to operate and run more quietly than diesel driven pumps. Eliminating diesel engines and using renewable electricity also eliminates environmental risks and emissions.

  • Low Operating Cost
  • Installed With Existing Single-Phase Power
  • 89% Hydraulic Efficiency
  • Low starting current
  • Instantaneous Restart Capability
  • Unity Power Factor Operation
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications
  • Low maintenance
  • Available remote start and monitoring

Single Phase Power Solutions has partnered with the industry's leading pump manufacturers to offer high-quality, efficient, heavy-duty pumps that meet the needs of the toughest applications. The use of the Written-Pole™ technology in BELLE™ motors provides many desirable characteristics, including very low starting currents, high operating efficiencies, unity power factor operation, instantaneous restart capability, ability to synchronize under load and the capability to start high inertial loads without over-sizing.

These motors are well-suited for applications where stationary engines have been used in the past due to the lack of available three-phase electric service. Their utility-friendly design allows BELLE™ motors to operate on readily-available rural single-phase services without compromising the voltage quality provided by the electric utility.


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