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    SPPS Completes Large Horsepower Single-Phase 50Hz Written-Pole Motor Design

    Engineers at Single Phase Power Solutions in Cincinnati, Ohio have completed designs for their 50Hz motor design. This motor is a direct result of requests from NGOs for a large horsepower motor, capable of running on a single-phase or Single Wire Earth Return (S.W.E.R.) power grid. The 50Hz design is the only large horsepower single-phase...
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    Irrigation: 60HP Single-Phase Belle Motor Replaces a Ford 460 Propane Engine

    Project: 60HP Belle Motor for Alfalfa Irrigation Pump Location: Wasta, South Dakota Background: In 2005, Pat Trask converted from his Ford 460 propane powered engine to a 60HP Written-Pole Belle Motor. It is 2018 and The Written-Pole Motor is still being used to power his Cornell 10YB submersible pump for irrigating 320 acres of alfalfa...
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    100 HP Motor Provides Power to Orange Groves in Florida

    Project: 100 HP Irrigation of Orange Groves Location: Zephyrhills, FL Background: In 2008 in the small rural town of Zephyrhills, Florida George Neukom installed a 100 HP BELLE Motor to provide irrigation to his orange grove. The installation replaced two diesel engines that had been powering his pumps. The locations of his well sites were...
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    100 HP Motor for Centrifugal Pump

    Project: 100HP motor for centrifugal pump Location: Dee Ranch, Aliceville, AL Background: In 2008, Mike Dee of Dee Ranch purchased a 100HP single-phase Belle motor to power his Berkeley Centrifugal Pump used to irrigate 247 acres of corn and soy beans located in Aliceville, Alabama. After battling with his diesel engine, Dee was in search...
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    Irrigation: 100HP BELLE Single-Phase Motor Replaces Diesel Engine

    Irrigation: 100HP Belle Single-Phase Motor Replaces Diesel Engine   Background: Belle Motor’s Written Pole® Technology is no novelty to the agriculture market. During 2005, Agri-View interviewed one of the many satisfied customers using the Written-Pole®  Technology. This particular customer, named Mark Jensen, owns 525 acres of farmland in Wa...
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    Submersible Pump: Hasta Farms, Dumas Texas

    Harold Grall: Hasta Farms Location: Dumas, TX   Background: In 2008, Harold Grall of Hasta Farms in Dumas, Texas was looking for a more cost-efficient alternative to powering his 60HP submersible pump. The pump originally used a natural gas engine coupled to a three-phase generator to irrigate 120 acres of corn and grain. Grall first...