What BELLE™ Owners Are Saying About Their Motors.

What BELLE™ Owners Are Saying About Their Motors.

“Our cooperative had a member with a three-phase motor on a phase converter that was causing
issues... We worked with our member to install a BELLE™ motor at the location and experienced no
voltage issues in the area. I am sold on these motors being a win-win for both the utility and owner.”
Ricki K. - Manager of Member Services
Electric Cooperative, TX

“We replaced our diesel engines at our groves with BELLE™ motors and we can’t say enough about the
huge savings it gave us. Between maintenance and the fuel cost the unit paid for itself in one year. We also
didn’t have to worry about the issues of storing diesel or theft of parts from the generators”.
George Neukom | Neukom Groves | Zephyrhills, FL

“I’ve irrigated with four BELLE™ motors for 10 years, I have one VFD pump and it has cost me more in
time and repair than all my BELLE™ Motors... Out here reliability is everything”.
Kyle Geffer | Geffert Farms | Haven, KS